Below is an overview of some of the past open courses. These courses can all be custom-made to your organization as well. To see company-specific courses, go to this page.

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Save Money the Danish Way, Tuesday, June 10th. “…is it possible to live in Denmark and not spending a fortune, and still take advantage of the many amenities that Copenhagen offers? How do Danes cope with this? This course will reveal tips on how to buy an “andelslejlighed” (apartment), food, sightseeing and more without spending too much money. Just as the “insiders” – the Danes – would do”.

Danish Business Culture, Thursday March 13 from 15-17. “This course shows you how to better your communication and build a relationship with Danish business partners, whether individuals, from Danish companies, long-term customers, public officials or professional advisors. The course was for Copenhagen Business Service, the free service for entrepreneurs”.

Wine @Kaffi ,New World, Old Word Wine tasting. Friday March 14. Open Wine tasting for the Expat community in Copenhagen – and the Danes around them. For everybody that love trying good wines, and meeting new people.

Reception in International House. Friday March 21. To celebrate that Work & LIfe Denmark has moved into International House, business partners, customers and friends were invited for a welcome reception!

Wine @KAFFi Xmas edition. December 7 2013. The fine-wine, fine-food expat-meet-Dane networking event. Organized by Work & Life Denmark with the partner-run café and wine bar KAFFi, we had the second event on Saturday, December 7.

Communication and relationship building. October 29. A two-hour course aimed at current or potential international entrepreneurs. Held for Copenhagen Business Service (Københavns Erhvervsservice).

Diversity Walk. October 23.  Explore the diversity of Copenhagen through this walk or bike ride. 30 expats joined Work & Life Denmark for an insight into new areas of Copenhagen, and to expand their network.

Wine & Tapas @KAFFi. October 19. Work & Life Denmark has in close cooperation with the community run wine and coffee bar on Islands Brygge, KAFFi, had the opportunity to offer wine tastings, where expats and Danes could meet over good wine, facilitated by two international trainers. This was the inauguration event with champagne and other sparkling wines.

Dinner and wine tasting (with Danes), August 31, 2013.  For expats and Danes. Members of the Work & Life programs priority access.

Silent sightseeing and an introduction to Danish smørrebrød, June 16 2013 This event was offered to everybody interested in seing the city in a new way, having a smørrebrød lunch – and meeting new people – Danes and internationals alike.

Smørrebrød for expats

Understanding the Danes and their culture

June 11, from 17-19 (5 – 7 p.m.), Embassy of Lolland-Falster. For expats who would like to see the connection between Danish culture and the making of modern Denmark.

Pic of the new opera in copenhagen by michael drives

Denmark is a strange, little country. An island kingdom, far away from the center of Europe. An agricultural country, having gone through a fairly rapid industrialization. A former naval and trading power turned into a small, homogenous nation.

This course will cover historical developments leading up to current society, business structure and special Danish cultural traits, values and norms. The course also covers current events, media and politics.

Working with Danish and international colleagues

June 5, from 17-19 (5 – 7 p.m.), Embassy of Lolland-Falster. For expats and Danes.

expat discussion with colleague

At first glance, the Danish work place might seem familiar to many people. Beneath the surface, however, there are cultural patterns that can be very helpful to be aware of, when working with Danish colleagues.

How does one handle relations with one’s colleagues? Why are the Danes friendly at lunch or at “fredagsbar”, while simultaneously keeping their spare time life very private? Why are they so cohesion-oriented, yet individualistic? How does one handle meetings or negotiations?

In short: how can one do one’s best at the Danish/international workplace?

Danes are also invited to this session to become aware of their role at the Danish/international workplace and to take part in the dialogue.

Social Life in Copenhagen

May 28, from 17-19 (5 – 7 p.m.). This session will take place at a Danish “kolonihave” (centrally located summer cottage) with optional BBQ afterwards (bring your own food for the grill – or buy a pizza). For expats.

Building a social network in Denmark can be hard. Danish colleagues seem to disappear into the private sphere after work. Despite that – or actually because of it – Denmark is the land of associations, of sport clubs and other after-hours activites. There are a lot of things to do, not least in Copenhagen, and many things are available for non-Danish speakers as well.

Wine tasting with people at Festringen
Social life in a Danish “kolonihave”

This session will cover what the Danish social life is like in Copenhagen. How do the Danes structure their social life? What activities are popular among expats? How does one meet Danes outside the workplace? What cultural codes are there to be aware of?

To create the right after-hour atmosphere, this meeting will take place at a Danish “Kolonihave” (summer garden), where you will see a very different aspect of Danish social life.

How to deal with Danish Leadership

Group of people sitting in circle

May 21, from 17-19 (5 – 7 p.m.). For expats and Danes.

Many foreigners have a hard time understanding the Danish management style and how to deal with it as an employee. With low hierarchy, “soft values”, the “Jante law“, an emphasis on group cohesion over the individual, and abstract rules more important than specific orders, how does one succeed?

Danes are also invited to this workshop in order for both expats and Danes to learn and to share their experiences about cooperating in the Danish-international workplace.