If you are an expat in Copenhagen, Work & Life Denmark can offer three programs that can help you get the most out of your stay in Denmark. You can read more about them below by clicking on them. Contact us for info on starting dates.

The Expat Career Program  – “The Work Program”

Career program for Expats in Copenhagen

  • Build a career-oriented network
  • Learn how Danish managers work and how management in Denmark works
  • Get an understanding of the unwritten rules of the Danish workplace and how to deal with Danish colleagues
  • Get an insight into Danish customs and ways of doing things

The Partner Program (for highly-skilled partners/spouses and others without a current job)

  • Pathway for expatsGet an understanding of Danish cultural values and ways of doing things
  • Create a network among other highly-skilled expats
  • Receive input on how to enter the Danish labor market
  • Learn how to make the best out of your time in Copenhagen
  • In other words: build a new life in an unfamiliar territory

The Cultural and Social Program

Group picture Silent Sightseeing

  • Explore Danish life outside working hours
  • Experience other aspects of Copenhagen
  • Learn about Danish customs such as Smørrebrød
  • Meet Danes and other expats while having a good time!

In all three programs

Other participants

Members of the Career Program and Partner Program have free access to the activities in both their own program and the Cultural program. Depending on the number of participants, other people will be invited to some of the events, but not exceeding 8-10 participants. Events in the Cultural and Social program might have more participants depending on the nature of the event.

Please contact us for more information on prices and about the conditions of the programs.

See examples of Past events here.

  • At Work & Life Denmark, we like to exceed participants’ expectations
  • Work & Life Denmark strives to create an informal and comfortable atmosphere – but we are very serious about  helping expats getting the best out of their stay in Denmark!