– working with Danish and international colleagues

expat discussion with colleague

At first glance, the Danish work place might seem familiar to many people. Beneath the surface, however, there are cultural patterns that can be very helpful to be aware of, when working with Danish colleagues. Or helpful for Danes to know when they work with international colleagues.

How does one handle the relations to one’s colleagues? Why are the Danes friendly at lunch or at “fredagsbar”, while simultaneously keeping their life outside work very private? Why are they so cohesion-oriented and yet individualistic? How does one handle meetings or negotiations?

In short: how can one do one’s best at the Danish/international workplace?

Danes are also invited to this session to become aware of their role at the Danish/international workplace, and to take part in the dialogue.

This session will focus on Danish coworkers, not Danish leadership (which is a separate course).

Practical details

The session takes place June 5 from 17-19 (5 – 7 p.m.), at the Embassy of Lolland-Falster, Rosengården 7, close to Nørreport S-train station. See map here.

Price: this session is offered for free to promote the work of Work & Life Denmark. A donation of 50 kr for snacks and rent of the venue will be welcomed.

As there are a limited number of spaces, please sign up by writing to Jens.

Please see more about the venue and the other sessions before the summer here.