Work and life

Why Work & Life?

With globalization, an increasing numbers of foreign nationals (expats) are coming to Denmark to work for Danish or international companies.

A successful and meaningful life in Denmark depends on the ability to acclimate to the cultural environment experienced in one’s employment in Denmark and in a meaningful social life outside work.

While many things are hard to change – high taxes, the weather, high price level – a good life in Denmark can be created by developing a robust professional and personal experience.

However, experience shows (see for example The Expat Study 2010,  a government financed study on expats in Denmark done by Oxford Research) that one of the main challenges facing expats in Denmark is difficulty establishing Danish friends outside work, and more generally, building a network in Denmark.

Some 69% of the participating expats either agree or strongly agree with the statement that it is difficult to form friendships with Danes, whereas 14% strongly disagree or disagree. The Expat Study 2010


While the company often helps in the first stage with work permit, moving, living arrangements or other relocation services, in the long run, building a social life and doing well at work is more crucial to whether the expat would like to stay – or leave Denmark again.

An expat that thrives is more likely to stay longer – and thereby saving the company the huge costs of attracting, hiring and building up knowledge of a replacement.

There is a clear relationship between how integrated expats feel and their quality of life. The higher the quality of life expats have, the more likely it is they will stay longer than planned in Denmark. The Expat Study 2010

And the same goes for the accompanying partner of expats: a partner that thrives in Denmark is less likely to cause the couple or family to want to move on.

There are many reasons to live in Denmark, not least the possibility of a good work-life balance. Work & Life Denmark strives to help expats and partners to get the best out of their life in Denmark, and thereby helping not only them, but also their workplaces.

…if the employer wishes to keep the expat for a while company services facilitating a process of getting to know the country can be a worth-while expense. The Expat Study 2010

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