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As an expat, by using Work & Life Denmark, you will be able to:
  • Successfully navigate in the Danish work environment by developing the necessary tools for understanding the behavioral norms within a Danish business context and working with Danish colleagues and managers
  • Integrate socially in Denmark and having a meaningful and rewarding life outside work
This will enable you to:
  • Obtain your career goals in Denmark by making a better start in the company and understand how to improve work with Danish co-workers and management
  • ¬†Get the most out of your non-work social life, which will enhance your overall experience in Denmark
As a company employing expats, this will help you:
  • Improve the social lives of your expat employees, thus, providing them with greater stability and happiness
  • Improve expat productivity
  • Minimize the possibility of expats leaving Denmark, because of personal dissatisfaction with not successfully integrating at work and in their personal lives, resulting in a waste of money and ressources