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Sightseeing and Smørrebrød workshop for expats and Danes

On June 16, Work & Life Denmark and Sebastian Overgaard will arrange a silent sightseeing and an introduction to Danish smørrebrød!

We will meet at the Queen’s Castle (Amalienborg Slot) at 11.00 a.m. for the sightseeing. From approximately 13.00 (1 p.m.) we will have a smørrebrød lunch at a great location nearby.

Expats meeting for the sightseeing

Meeting at Amalienborg Castle

This event is offered to everyone interested in seing the city in a new way, having a smørrebrød lunch – and meeting new people – Danes and internationals alike.

Following are on the sightseeing, smørrebrød:

Silent Sightseeing

Copenhagen like never seen before – in silence. Challenge your senses, see new sides of the city, and perhaps of yourself.

The Danish author, facilitator and more, Sebastian Overgaard, will guide us on foot through the city. After an introduction, the entire tour will be in silence, stopping at odd and interesting places to observe.


expats discovering Copenhagen

Silent sightseeing


Read an article on the silent Sightseeing (Danish):

Smørrebrød WorkshopSmørrebrød for expats

The Silent sightseeing tour will end at “Opgang E”, a roof with a view to Amalienborg Slot. Here, talking is allowed again, and it is time for sharing experiences – and “smørrebrød”!

Smørrebrød are the Danish open sandwiches that Danes traditionally eat for lunch. They are handy, can fit in a lunch box, and – so Danes would like to think – they are healthy and tasty. And, when made with care, they can develop into Danish “haut cuisine”.

expats at the workshop

Some of the participants during the smørrebrød workshop

At this workshop, founder of Work & Life Denmark, Jens Frahm-Rasmussen will introduce the group to smørrebrød and some of his favorites, followed by a build-it-yourself workshop. There is a lot of culture packed into these tasty sandwiches! The preparation of combinations of bread, spreads and accessories, and the sequence is very important!

We will build our own smørrebrød, eat them (lunch) – and not least – socialize with the other participants.

Wiki on smørrebrød here.

Previous statement on Silent Sightseeing (and an opportunity to practice Danish)

“…en skøn oplevelse, hvor jeg mærkede en dejlig indre fredsfyldt ro. Det var dejligt uforpligtende at være sammen i stilhed, og på samme tid var der et stort nærvær til nuet. Det er lang tid siden, at jeg har været så opmærksom på, alle de små ting, på alle de små detaljer, som omgiver os, og som er med til både at skabe et sammenhold mellem mennesker og en distance på samme tid!” (Participant)
Expats at Silent Sightseeing

Participants at the workshop June 16