Work & Life Denmark’s mission is to help highly-skilled foreign nationals, residing in the Copenhagen area, get most out of their professional and private lives in Denmark.

Work & Life Denmark was founded by Jens Frahm-Rasmussen in the early spring 2013 and is based in Copenhagen.

From 2015, Work & Life Denmark has added private tours to the portfolio, helping tourists get a deeper understanding of Copenhagen and Denmark while also discovering the country on first-time visit.

About Jens

  • I have a Master’s degree in International business from Copenhagen Business School, specializing in cultural differences in the Danish-International workplace (2001).

  • I have been a consultant for the Danish Ministry of Integration, where I counseled Danish Municipalities and public enterprises on how to integrate foreigners, both highly-skilled work-immigrants (expats) and more “traditional” immigrants.

  • I have been a HR consultant for Copenhagen Municipality (KĂžbenhavns Kommune), coordinating recruitment and retainment of immigrants (including highly-skilled) to the city’s 40.000 workplaces.

  • I have several years of freelance work and teaching experience in the field of Danish workplace culture (Copenhagen Municipality, Copenhagen Business School, Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Maersk International Shipping Education).

  • I am passionate about the meeting of cultures and have been active in the Copenhagen expat scene for many years, organizing wine tastings and other social events.

  • I grew up in Copenhagen, but have later lived in Austria, USA and Argentina. I speak English, Spanish, German and French besides my native Danish.

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