Since the beginning, Work & Life Denmark has worked with a number of customers, from private companies over Denmark’s Technical University to Frederiksberg and Copenhagen Municipalities, and from Unemployment insurance funds (A-kasser) to volunteer organizations.

We wish to be known for delivering work of a high standard in close collaboration with our customers. We are motivated by making our customers and participants happy!

Here’s a few commentaries:

Copenhagen Business Service – Københavns Erhvervsservice

 Expat courses at Copenhagen Business Service
Jens har udviklet et kursus i kommunikation med danske virksomheder for os, som henvender sig til udlændinge i København, der enten er selvstændige eller på vej til at blive det. Samarbejdet med Jens har fungeret rigtigt godt, og undervisning fra Jens har været engageret og meget praktisk orienteret. Vores deltagere har været meget tilfreds med hans undervisning og kendskab på området.

Zikoh Mikhail Kouassi-Zessia, Erhvervskonsulent, Erhvervsudvikling
Københavns Erhvervsservice – Én indgang for erhvervslivet

British Council

British council logo





 When British Council approached Jens about the diversity walk, he responded very positively and immediately took up the challenge to organise the event in Copenhagen. Jens came up with inspiring ideas and partners for the walk and was responsible for the organisation of the event. We received positive feedback from the participants, who found the walk both useful and informative. People were very engaged and interested in the topics introduced and an overall positive atmosphere existed throughout the evening.The outcome of and feedback from the event is evidence of Jens’ great co-operation skills and winning manner.

Janni Bækkelund Nielsen, British Council Denmark


Novum – Interesseorganisation for højtuddannede udlændinge

Novum logo

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen is our External consultant for Novum and has given courses for us in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Esbjerg. He is the founder and CEO of Work & Life Denmark and  a highly skilled Diversity manager who is very effective in connecting and guiding the class participants who are with Novum. Preparing his training very systematically in advance, he takes very good initiatives to understand his audience and makes the extra effort to help them.
When it comes to cross cultural communication Jens has lots of experience and knowledge. In our work environment here at Novum we are in contact with people from all over the world every day and Jens really knows how to switch from one cultural code to another when it is needed in order to relate to his students.
He spreads a lot of good energy which makes the class environment very pleasant. He is very good at listening to people and gathering information on how to help them adjust to work and life in Denmark. I can highly recommend Jens and Work & Life Denmark.

Shalini Chakravorty
Projektleder,Capital and Sjælland Region


And here’s a few from participants:


Very good communicator. He was driving the conversation and taking feedback on every point that made the discussion very informative rather than just simple presentation browsing.
YES! The course is good and relevant – for both Danes and foreigners. I have also already recommended the course Jens is doing on 09 OCT to a friend who registered for it last night already.
Jeg synes Jens var god i hans foredrag. Han formåede at inddrage os med forskellige “øvelser”, hvilket jeg fandt utrolig givende. Han var nede på jorden og lydhør overfor alle der havde spørgsmål og kommentarer. Det var godt at han selv havde mange personlige oplevelser fra ind- og udland i forhold til kulturforskelle, som han kunne fortælle om…Alt i alt var jeg yderst tilfreds med foredraget og jeg synes det er mega fedt, at I har mulighed for at tilbyde foredrag som dette til os frivillige :-)
I believe it’s important for everybody who is a member of this organization to be aware of the different cultures, different behaviours and different mentalities, so we can work our way out of any possible problem or cultural shock.


I have been living in Denmark for 3 years and I had many opportunities to see and understand the Danish spirit and culture. Jens is the creator of Sightseeing/Smørrebrød workshop where I decided to join because it seemed to be a great opportunity to meet new people and find out more about the history of Smørrebrød.
Jens showed me the secret parts of Copenhagen that have a special kind of beauty that can be admired in silence. These places have life and personality. All you need to do is “listen” to the story they tell. The next thing Jens taught me is that Smørrebrød is an art, that it must be done in a certain way and studied like the Bible if you want to become a true Dane :-)
Good luck to you all and I hope you will enjoy a lovely afternoon as much as I did. Claudia Pesu, Computer scientist, Romania