The Partner Program

– for highly-skilled expats without a current job

Pathway for expats

Expats that come to Denmark because of a partner’s job and/or to look for a job themselves, face a number of challenges:

  • Understanding Danish cultural values and ways of doing things
  • Creating a network
  • Knowing how to get the best out of Copenhagen
  • In other words: building a new life in an unfamiliar territory

By joining the Partner Program, and the Cultural Program that is included in it, you will:

  • Have the possibility of building a network that will enhance your quality of life
  • Know the culturally-based expectations and thought-processes of Danes
  • Learn and understand the most important unwritten rules of the Danish workplace, institutions and society in general
  • Explore other sides of Copenhagen and get help to access the many spare-time activities that the city has to offer
  • Meet and get to know Danes in social situations
  • And, if you are looking for a job, learn how to approach the labor market and enhance your changes of getting a job
Profile of participants

This course will be conducted in English, and encourages participation, so a certain level of English is necessary.

Due to the fact that various models and explanations (cultural theory etc.) are discussed during the course, it is an advantage for participants to have a university background or similar.


Courses and facilitation are run by expat consultant and founder of Work & Life Denmark Jens Frahm-Rasmussen. Participant interaction in order to learn from each other’s experience is encouraged.

Sessions include:

  • Social life in Denmark and Copenhagen
  • Danish work culture
  • Job search and job interviews in Denmark

Course for partners to expat in Copenhagen


Get more of Work & Life with extra guiding and one-on-one consulting:

  • Individual follow-up on sessions are offered to cover the areas most relevant to you (e.g. finding spare-time activities, using a network to approach the labor market etc.)

Sessions are both held during normal work hours and during weekends.