The Expat Career Program (“The Work Program”)

Ill to Expat career program

Why this program?

Many expats complain they have a hard time integrating themselves into Danish society, building a network and getting the most out of Copenhagen while they are here.

At the same time, many struggle with understanding the unwritten rules at work and cannot access most of the career-enhancing opportunities that Danes use – such as business networks, courses and so on (often these courses and networks are in Danish).

By joining the Expat Career Program and the Cultural Program that is included in it, you will:

  • Have the possibility of building a career-oriented network that will give you valuable input on your future career
  • Know the culturally based expectations and thought process of Danish managers
  • Learn and understand the unwritten rules of the Danish workplace, and how to best deal with Danish colleagues
  • Acquire a lot of insight into Danish customs and way of doing things
  • Explore other sides of Copenhagen and access the many spare-time activities that the city has to offer
  • Meet and get to know Danes in social situations
Profile of participants

The course will be conducted in English, and encourages participation, so a certain level of English is necessary.

Due to the fact that various models and explanations from cultural theory and more are discussed during the course, it is an advantage for participants to have a university background or similar.


Courses and facilitation are run by expat consultant and founder of Work & Life Denmark Jens Frahm-Rasmussen. Participant interaction in order to learn from each other’s experience is encouraged.

Sessions include:

  • How to make a career in Denmark and successfully understand the cultural aspects of Danes working in managerial positions
  • How to decode the unwritten rules when working with Danish colleagues
  • A company visit to get an understanding of the working of smaller, international Danish companies
  • Participation in social activities in Copenhagen aimed at working expats (e.g. cocktail events after work, etc.)

Get more from Work & Life with extra guidance and one-on-one consulting:

  • Individual follow-up sessions are offered to cover the areas most relevant to you

Courses are held after work-hours (weekdays or weekends).