On October 23, 30 participants joined the Diversity Walk held by Work & Life Denmark and partners.

Events for expats in Copenhagen

After visiting International House, Kvinfo, Internationalt Kristent Center and Verdenskulturhuset – and not least getting to meet each other – the participants were asked to give an advice on how to get the most out diverse Copenhagen. The task was done in smaller groups and then everybody had five votes to distribute to all suggestions. Below is a list of all the suggestions that the group gave others on enjoying the diverse life in Copenhagen.

  • Enjoy the free activities, services, museums – visit all free of charge activities (cultural, concerts). Museums are often free – feel free to join!
  • Learn Danish (join groups in order to practice)
  • Be active

Further advice:

  • Join a network and find the right one for you or join an association
  • Get away from your comfort zone – go out
  • Go out and mingle
  • Do not just stay at home
  • Do not forget to get a bike – go biking
  • Be friendly, open and persistent
  • Get to know who the Danes are, how they interact, network etc.
  • Drink Tuborg/Carlsberg
  • Shop online with nemlig.dk etc.
  • Keep an open mind
  • Volunteer
  • Warm clothes
  • Read at the library
  • Make friends with the Danes
  • Make most out of all the open spaces eg. Dyrehaven
  • Enjoy the cultural life of CPH, Denmark

Furthermore, the participants were asked, what the most enlightening experiences of the Diversity Walk were: See the advices below:

  • Knowing different diversity places in Cph
  • I can take Cuban dance just like back home
  • It was good to meet new people
  • The service available at CPH International House
  • I can have a mentor
  • I know how to go to classes in Denmark
  • Language classes without CPR number (social security number)
  • How little we knew
  • World Culture Center (Verdenskulturcentret)
  • Foreigners teaching foreigners
  • CPH International House
  • “The building of a bridge” for foreign people
  • Kvinfo’s mentor network is also for men under 30
  • Free service for people without CPR numbers and help for marginalized members of society


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  • October 24, 2013 at 13:58

    Thanks Jens for organising this fantastic initiative, and thanks everyone for showing such a great interest and enthusiasm! Let’s all keep up the good spirit!

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