Join me for a personal tour of my favorite area of Copenhagen

Private tour Vesterbro

From Copenhagen’s Red light Cistrict to the fourth most hipster neighborhood in the world!

Vesterbro is the area where the central station in Copenhagen is. However, most people leave with the impression that it is all about Tivoli, hotels – and the red light district! But beyond that, there is a thriving community of students, artists and everyday people with small galleries, independent design stores, a renovated Meat packing district and a wealth of nice cafés. And hipsters (recently crowned as the fourth most hipster area in the world by Thrillist).

At this tour, we will explore the modern area of Vesterbro with an emphasis on the modern city life and inspiration on out-of-the-common places to go for cafées, dinner or shopping.


• Diversity of people – learn about the diverse people of Vesterbro – from students, immigrants, artists, drug users, prostitutes to hipsters, alternative families to the gentrified.
• Pocket parks
• Istedgade, the “soul” of the Vesterbro
• Boutique cafés, ice cream parlours and microbreweries
• Street art
• City renovation transforming Vesterbro from poor to exclusive housing
• My back yard featuring alternative energy sources, waste sorting, a lot of bikes – and Danish “hygge”
• Meat packing district
• Optional visit to Tivoli (with one entrance included) at the end of the tour

Vesterbro naturally changes with the time of week: on weekdays and Saturdays, from 11, we’ll pass interesting boutique design stores and galleries for those interested in shopping (book from 10 and ending latest at 17). In the weekends from April through September, we’ll be able to participate in the big food market in the Meat packing district.


The price of this tour is 350 USD or equivalent in Euros or Danish kroner.

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To book or inquire about a tour, please contact us here.