Would you like to get new inspiration for making your own smørrebrød? And would you like to get to know a Copenhagen Kolonihave, while spending a few agreeable hours on a Saturday meeting new people?

Expat smørrebrød course


Smørrebrød are the open Danish sandwiches that Danes traditionally eat for lunch. They are handy, can fit in a lunch box, and – so Danes would like to think – they are healthy and tasty. When made with care, they can develop into Danish “haut cuisine”.

At this workshop and social event, founder of Work & Life Denmark, Jens Frahm-Rasmussen will introduce the group to smørrebrød and some of his favorites, followed by a build-it-yourself workshop. There is a lot of culture packed into these tasty sandwiches! The preparation of combinations of bread, spreads and accessories, and the sequence, is very important!

We will build our own smørrebrød, eat them (lunch) – and not least – socialize with the other participants.

…it was very enriching culturally, because I learned much more about this beautiful and tasty Danish tradition, while we discussed and shared our opinion and perspectives about life in Denmark and other interesting related topics.

In general it has been a very new, interesting and enriching experience for me, shared with nice friendly people – Amaia Quesada Lejarazu, Spain – previous participant


Danish kolonihave

In and around Copenhagen, often hidden from sight, clusters of “kolonihavehuse” abound – both big and small cottages. There Danes spend days or entire months during the season from April through September.

In the beginning the aim of the “kolonihavehuse” was for workers to get out of their crowded and polluted living quarters and grow their own vegetables. Over the years they have developed into diverse micro-cosmoses of Danish culture.

This workshop will take place in a kolonihave in “Haveforeningen Engdraget”, next to the metrostation Femøren. As part of this event, there will be a short sight-seeing around the Haveforening and optional visit to Amager Strand (beach) at the end (bring your swimming suit, if the weather is nice and if you are brave enough to step into the water (water temperature: around 15 degrees!).

Vis stort kort


Practical details

Target Group: Expats in Copenhagen who would like to know more about social life in the city and Danish social behavior.

Address: Hedegaardsvej 73 – on Amager, next to Femøren metro station, which is 12 minutes with the metro from Nørreport. Follow the metro-wall north 100 meters and enter through the gate “Haveforeningen Engdraget” (call 2711 2111 if you get lost).

Price: The price covers the introduction to smørrebrød and “the kolonihave way of life”, plus high quality smørrebrød and drinks (beer, snaps, lemonade).

Jens is the creator of the “Sightseeing/Smørrebrød workshop”, which I decided to join, because it seemed to be a great opportunity to meet new people and find out more about the history of Smørrebrød.

… Jens taught me is that Smørrebrød is like an art, that it must be done in a certain way and studied like the Bible if you want to become a true Dane ☺

Good luck to you all, and I hope you will enjoy a lovely afternoon as much as I did. Claudia Pesu, Romania