Expats in Copenhagen logo

Using “work” and “life” in our name reflects our two main areas of work: Helping expats in Denmark do their best at work, and helping getting the best out of their time outside work.

The “&” is because the two are interconnected – it is hard to do well at work if you are not satisfied with your life outside it – and vice-versa. Similar to Yin and Yang, and a reference to work-life balance, something that consistently comes up as one of the good things about pursuing a career in Denmark.

The logo was designed by Bojana Romic from Belgrade, Serbia. An designer and expat in Copenhagen herself, she also holds a ph.d. in communication theory and teaches at Roskilde and Malmö Universities. The line in the logo resembles elements of flags, thus symbolizing the mix of cultures and nationalities in a constant flow.

The flag is similar to a Danish “vimpel” (pennant, banner) that is used on the beloved Danish flagpoles for everyday use. Cultural encounters occur every day, and if you have come to work in Denmark there will be a lot of everyday workdays, and everyday days to fill with meaningful activities outside work. Those things are what Work & Life Denmark is about.