Get introduced to Danish culture with a culture specialist while you are exploring the landmarks of central CopenhagenPrivate Danish culture tour Copenhagen

tour is a novelty, by mixing a city walk with some of the well-known and lesser known highlights of Copenhagen with an introduction to Danish history and not least Danish culture!!

Why Danish Culture? Danish culture is actually quite extreme compared to other countries’! There’s currently a lot of hype around the “Happiest nation in the World”, Danish “hygge” (cosiness), the Danish wellfare system (“flexicurity”), low crime rates, Scandinavian “Noir”, biking, sustainable energy, food, architecture and more. And a little less about the more shadowy sides – loneliness, falling birth rates, skepticism of “Bruxelles” or immigration.

I have been teaching courses in Danish culture and Danish business culture the last ten years, and this tour is a condensed version of such a course, folded out in central Copenhagen, so it’s both good for seeing the main sights as a first-time visitor to the city, and coming under the surface for a returning traveller or expat resident.


Danish Culture through some of the high-lights of Copenhagen.

The content will be adjusted to your interests but include:

Low hierarchy
Religous practices
Work-life balance
Gender equality and minority’s rights
Political development
History – how Denmark went from a much bigger country to end up as a small country on the outskirts went of Europe

And the high-lights we will visit include:
– Vor Frue Kirke (Church of our Lady)
– Christiansborg – the Danish Parliament
– Thorvaldsens Museum
– Gråbrødre Torv
– Copenhagen Town Hall
– Rainbow Square
– The Hans Christian Andersen Statue
– Tivoli

(Christiansborg and Thorvaldsens Museum can be visited with extra time, but otherwise are only from the outside)


390 USD or the equivalent in Euro or Danish kroner

Customer review

Jens provided a very informative and interesting tour responding to all our questions easily and comprehensively. We enjoyed the areas he took us to and those he told us about as well. He provided a useful information sheet that would benefit anyone staying a few days in Copenhagen.
Joanne Cook