Explore hip Vesterbro district, hippie commune Christiania – and if biking: Danish biking culture and multicultural Nørrebro

Alternative Copenhagen Private tours

Surrounding the inner city of Copenhagen are the old worker’s areas of Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Christianshavn. Built in late 19th century with small and simple apartments for the working class, they each have developed their unique character that now define modern Copenhagen.

Another highlight of this tour is Christiania – “the hippie commune” – whose birth was in 1971 when 500 “flower-power hippies” invaded the old navy ramparts to build their own Utopia in the green surroundings. Despite political controversy over the years, the commune exists to this day – the central part being Lower Scandinavia’s favorite hang-out place for soft drugs (or alternative concerts, a beer after work, street art. . . ), while the majority of the space is a wonderful mix of nature and home-built houses, from simple sheds to artesanal octagonal pyramids.

During the trip, we will find a nice and interesting place to eat, depending on where we are, your wishes and your budget.


Vesterbro: Meatpacking district, diversity, red light district, boutique clothing stores (if between 11-17 Monday-Friday), pocket park, gourmet coffee and food and more.

Christiania: Pusher street (see displays the biggest selection of soft drugs you are most likely to have seen), hippie commune and history of Christiania, homebuilt houses in romantic settings, second-hand stores, alternative cafes, street art, navy fortifications and more.

Christianshavn – “Little Amsterdam of Copenhagen” – canals, cafés and oldest houses in Copenhagen.

If we go on bike:
Nørrebro – multiculture and contrasts, Public cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kirkegaard and many more are buried, “Alternative streets” with gourmet foods – and more.

Copenhagen biking culture: “The bicycle snake” and other solutions that have made Copenhagen the probably most bike friendly city in the world.
Biking tour includes an introduction to Copenhagen bike rules.


540 USD or equivalent in Euro or Danish kroner.

Please contact us to inquire about this tour.