Explore the Vesterbro district at night with its gourmet food, brew movement and get introduced to the area

Vesterbro evening private tour

Vesterbro is the area where the central station in Copenhagen is and beyond. However, most people leave with the impression that it is all about Tivoli, hotels – and the red light district! But beyond that, there is a thriving community of students, artists and everyday people with small galleries, independent design stores, a renovated Meat packing district and a wealth of nice caf├ęs. And hipsters (recently crowned as the fourth most hipster area in the world by Thrillist).

On this evening tour we will focus on the thriving food and beverage scene, but also give you an introduction to this fascinating part of Copenhagen.


The Vesterbro district by evening/night:
The tour is made according to your wishes, time of the day and of the week, but can include:
– Browse through “Chinatown” and the diverse red light district
– The Meat packing district
– First brewpub of probably the best Danish microbeer, Mikkeler
– Local hang-outs, gourmet food places, quirky bars, extremely hip places
– If you are looking for dinner also:: try out some of the interesting Vesterbro food places


The price of this tour is USD 295 (up to 8 people) or equivalent in Euros or Danish kroner.

Also see General conditions on the tours.

To book or inquire about the tours, you can contact us here.